Crankys Nest Egg

Spend wisely, save more, knock off work really early.


The idea of early retirement first took hold in Cranky’s consciousness about ten years ago. For some reason, the idea of spending over forty years enslaved in a cubicle farm started to lose its appeal.

Already being frugal by nature, Cranky then spent his time learning about investing. By spending far less than he earned and despite becoming the proud father of two little Crankys, he has amassed an investment portfolio of sufficient size that he believes cessation of paid employment will become a reality in the next year or two.

Cranky’s attention has now turned to how he might draw upon his nest egg once he no longer gets paid to work. It turns out this is far more complex than he first thought.

The other aspect of retirement playing on Cranky’s mind (and Mrs Cranky’s as well) is how he will spend his time.

About Cranky

Cranky is a lothsome individual. People have been known to claim symptons of any number of nasty and embarrassing diseases by way of excuse after mistakenly falling into a lengthy conversation with Cranky.

Despite (or perhaps because of) this, Cranky decided to start a website. He writes about saving money, investing and building wealth with a view to early retirement and beyond.